Usage screenshots on an iPhone

Note: iPhone screens are shown below. The iPad uses a greatly enhanced layout where appropriate, which you can see on the virtual iPad here.

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iphone customers menu


The list of customers belonging to the sales rep. Different reps might have different customer lists, as specified in the customer data uploaded by the company's administrator. Click the cart icon to use the customer for the current transaction. Choosing a customer before creating an order means that customer's discounted prices can be shown.

iphone customer details page

Customer Detail:

Here you can view any customer's details, initiate a phone call or email to the customer, or locate their address using the Maps application. Below the map (not shown) are the 9 custom fields of customer information.

iphone browse products category list


Products can be browsed by category and sub-category. Categories are specified in the customer data uploaded by the company's administrator. To search the entire product range, select 'All Products' first.

iphone products list

Product List and Search:

This list shows a summary of the products found. Only one price-type is shown at a time. You toggle through the prices with the button at the top-right of the screen. You can search for product details from this screen.

iphone product details

Product Details:

Details of a particular product are shown on this page. Not shown (off screen) are the 9 custom fields. The iPad shows an enhanced version of this screen, including image zooming. You add products to the customer's cart by changing the quantity (Qty) value. Press the '+1' button to add a single item, or type in the field above. Items can have minimum quantities so the button increments are not always 1.

iphone cart page


The customer's shopping cart. Item details are similar to the Product List screen shown earlier, except that the price shown is always the sell price to the customer. Items are removed from the cart by swiping or by clicking the Edit button, as is standard for iPhone and iPad applications. The Clear button empties the cart but retains the customer details. Click Finalise Order to finalise the transaction.

iphone order page


Use this page to check customer details before submitting the order. Here you can enter the customer's order number, or change where the customer's email copy is delivered to (for this order only). You can specify a new customer for this order if not chosen previously, and add notes to this order (not shown).

iphone options page


SaleMaker has many options. A few are described on the Device setup page. We invite you to download SaleMaker from the App Store, to investigate the options yourself.