SaleMaker FAQ

How do I transfer my Inventory and Customer data to SaleMaker?

You can use Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet, to create a suitable tab separated text file. The column headings should match the field names, and should be as follows:

The user defined fields are for you to use for anything you like, and you create your own column headings, such as ytd_sales, account_balance or contact_name etc. Once you have created your spreadsheet, you simply save it as a tab separated text file, and you are ready to upload.

What format do the images need to be?

Because of the range of devices available, there is no single "best" image size. We envisage SaleMaker to be mostly used on the iPad. The best image size for the iPad and iPad2 is 405 x 405 pixels. The best image size for more recent iPads with a retina-display is 810 x 810 pixels. If your images are smaller SaleMaker will scale them up for you.

All images should be JPEG (.jpg) format, and you may upload images one by one, or in bulk by selecting a whole folder using the SaleMaker Utility application. Image file sizes may be up to 100K (per file).

Is there a limit to how many customers or products I can have?

This will depend on the amount of free memory space on your iPhone or iPad. Most mobile devices can store a very large amount of data, and it is unlikely that this will be a problem for you. We currently have customers with over 10,000 products in use.

Can I choose my own product categories?

Yes, you can specify your own category and sub-category for each product. SaleMaker automatically generates the Browse menu category list from this data.

I am concerned about uploading my business information to the web, is it safe?

Yes, gives you the options to encrypt your data. You specify your own password when you upload the data, and use the same password to decrypt it on your mobile device. (This password is referred to as your encryption key).

How often do I need to update my data?

This is entirely up to you, and it depends on how often your inventory/customer data changes. There is no limit to how often you may upload or download data.

I've lost or forgotten my password. Can you email me my password?

Rephopper does not store your passwords. If you are an admin user and have forgotten or lost your password, click here to have a temporary password emailed to you. You should then change your password when you login.

If you are not an admin user and have lost the password used in your iPhone or iPad you should ask your company administrator to change your password.

Does SaleMaker work if there is no Internet connection?

Yes, SaleMaker works off-line. An internet connection is only required when your business data is being synchronised with Rephopper. Any sales orders entered while off line, wait until an internet connection becomes available.


We have access to and collect information that you voluntarily give us via email, direct contact or file and data uploads (including via the SaleMaker App and SaleMaker Utility). We may use this information as required in order to deliver the Rephopper services to you. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone.

We will use your information to respond to you, regarding the reason you contacted us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request.

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