Uploading Products

Only text files should be uploaded. Tab-separated (TAB), Comma-separated (CSV) and a few variants are supported. Excel files should be saved as tab separated files before uploading.

The first line should contain the field names, which are listed below, with brief explanations:

1 For example, if products are sold in packets of 10, then use order_qty_min=10 and order_qty_step=10. But if a customer can purchase any number from 10 upwards (eg. 11, 12, etc) then order_qty_min=10 and order_qty_step=1. Put another way, order_qty_step is the minimum additional number of items which can be purchased after the order_qty_min has been satisfied.

2 This means that if you have an image field with 'abc.jpg' in it, the file must also be named 'abc.jpg' exactly. Images named with different case (eg. 'ABC.jpg', Abc.jpg or 'abc.JPG') will show on the web and in emails, but will not show on the iPad or iPhone. Be careful, because some computer operating sytems will hide the extension from you by default — it still must match.

All fields may only be a single line of text (currenlty due to import format limitations). Some variation on field names is permitted, so avoid custom field names similar to those listed above. With the exception of the product description field, fields are limited to 250 characters in length, or 180 characters with encryption.

The nine custom fields can be named anything (the first nine unrecognised field names will be accepted as custom fields).